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April 2008: A visit I will always remember by Mika, B1 30 May 2009

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Mika kotinth


My year 2008 by Clémence. 11 April 2009

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clemence (more…)

The students of Imperia have interviewed their English assistant 11 May 2008

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An interview with Paul, the English assistant,

1. Why did you decide to teach?
I gradually came into it. I started out teaching in private schools in Italy, with the intention of going back to England after 2 years. I wanted to live in another country and learn the language. It was good experience. However, I started to like moving and moving – so things just snowballed. It was also a difficult period in the UK. Unemployment etc. Life in Italy was more lively at the time in comparison to the UK.

2. How long have you been teaching English?
About 28 years.

3.Why in Italy?
I applied to teach in Germany, Japan and Italy. Italy was the first country I got a job offer from. I liked Italy for the art, culture, the people etc. (more…)

Les élèves d’Impéria ont interviewé leur assistante de français… 11 May 2008

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Entretien avec Brigitte, l’assistante de français 

1. Pourquoi avez-vous décidé d’enseigner?
Depuis que je suis petite, j’ai envie d’enseigner. Dans ma chambre je jouais à imiter la maîtresse d’école. Aprés le lycée, j’ai décidé d’aller à l’université car je voulais devenir professeur d’italien.
2. Depuis combien de temps enseignez-vous le français?
J’enseigne le français depuis dix ans. La première école où j’ai travaillé est l’ IPC ; j’étais très jeune! Puis j’ai travaillé dans différents collèges, au lycée scientifique, à l’école primaire et j’ai même fait des cours du soir pour les adultes.


Teenage is a golden age! 18 January 2008

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“Teenage is a golden age.”   “Well, it depends!’ is the answer teenagers who’ve been asked to react to the saying generally give. But what does it depend on ? We’d very much like to know! So, to you all who live in Spain, in Italy, in France, in Germany, in Poland, in the Czech Republic… or else where, we’d like to ask you to react too. Comment on line immediately  or write an article on the subject: you can give it to your teacher or send it to babelia@laposte.net . We will publish it.


  Vous pouvez répondre en français.

                 Podeis contestar en español.

                            Rispondete pure in italiano.

                                   Ihr könnt auf deutsch antworten.

Welcome to our new partners from the Czech Republic! 18 December 2007

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They live in the Czech Republic, more precisely in Kromĕříž… (Sorry for the accents! We haven’t found the exact ones yet… but we’re trying hard!). They are between 15 and 19 years old . Just like us! They are learning English. Just like us! Here is their first contribution to Babelia. Welcome to them and many thanks in the name of all the Babelians! 

      box.gif       Christmas in the Czech Republic

On  Christmas morning we decorate a Christmas tree. We have that folk  custom: We can´t eat anything so that we see a little gold pig – that means that we´ll have happiness in the next year. On  Christmas Eve we sing carols, watch TV and we have a good state of mind. The typical tradition on Christmas Eve is the Christmas dinner. We have  dinner between five and seven o’clock. The ain course is a carp with potatoe salad.For dessert we have home – made Christmas cookies, apple pie or fruit. After  dinner the custom is to pour lead  (so we know what our future will be) ,cut apples (we find out if we´ll be healthy next year), throw a shoe toward the door (girls do this to find out what way their lover will come from) and listen to carols. Before this, the family sit around the Christmas tree and we give presents to each other.  About midnight some families go to the church.
That is a typical traditional Christmas in the Czech Republic.        

Cité-Rêves :: Sarah and Tomy fly to South Africa 30 November 2007

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Hi !!

We are Sarah & Tomy and we are students at the Lycée Alexis de Tocqueville. We want to tell you about the incredible experience that we are living. Grasse, our home town is giving young people between 16 and 25 the opportunity to build up a project and to realise it through the Cité-Rêves programme.

20071123 TOMY Afrique du Sud20071123 Sarah Afrique du SudSarah, Tomy and M. Leleux, Mayor of Grasse, at the Cité-Rêves award ceremony, 23 November 2007.

So we decided to apply. In fact, we had to prepare a file with the description and the aim of our project. Actually we wanted to make a trip in South Africa to see and talk about the consequences of Apartheid nowadays. After a lot of work and discussion with our teachers, our file was ready for evaluation. One week later, we were called for an interview in front of a jury of 10 people to defend our project and to show our motivation. When we finished, we were so happy because we already had the answer : YES!!

We are now ready to go to South Africa. The city of Grasse has given us € 2100 to make our project real. This money will be used to pay for our flight ticket and all the expenses that we’ll have over there. (more…)

26 September: an interview with Giovanna De Rosa, from Bari, Italy. 29 October 2007

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ingresso-scuola-1.jpg Giovanna De Rosa is an English teacher and our partner from the ITCL Marco Polo in Bari, Italy. She tells us about her job and the part languages play in her life. morevanya.doc

September 26: an interview with Beata Wojtowicz in Kłobuck, Poland. 29 October 2007

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klobuck.jpg   Mrs Wojtowicz , you teach English in a Polish high school, don’t you? Why did you choose to be a language teacher? more


Le 22 mars 2007:Première rencontre de babeliens: Grasse a reçu Imperia. 27 April 2007

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grasse0582.jpg  visite-multilingue.ppt    foto_grupal4.jpg

Le 22 mars dernier, nos partenaires d’Imperia sont venus passer la journée avec nous. Nous avons visité la ville, le lycée et déjeuné ensemble. Nous vous proposons de faire la visite dans la langue de votre choix. Suivez le guide!