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Teenage is a golden age! A few reactions… 4 February 2008

Posted by Lycée Alexis de Tocqueville in English, Lifestyles.

We are students of 1re STG, which means that we study marketing and communication. We all learn English and another foreign language, Spanish or Italian. We have discussed the saying “Teenage is a golden age” with Susie, our English assistant. Here are the points of view of some of us. Tell us what you think too !

“To a certain extent, I agree with the statement, ‘Teenage is a golden age’, because you can do what you want. You are in good health… But you have worries and you are stressed by school work…” Sophia

“Well, I agree but not totally. We’re young and we don’t have any trouble. Teenagers think that life is not complicated and they don’t worry about anything. But they have to go to school for their future, to take their A’levels. And very often young people are miserable because they often argue with their parents. So, for me, to be in the “golden age” has advantages and drawbacks.” Xavier

“Well, it’s partly true: you have fun with your friends, you organise house parties, you go out, you flirt… Yet, you often argue with your parents who can sometimes be very annoying.” Amel



Some truth about us 7 January 2007

Posted by Zespół Szkół nr 3 Kłobuck, Poland in English, Lifestyles.
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Hi everybody!

     We are the students of third class of Secondary School in Kłobuck, Poland. We think that the world should get to know about us so we’re going to tell you about our school, ways of entertaining ourselves during boring lessons, long breaks and people who care about school. We want to tell you something interesting about our school. We spend  a lot of time  here  so we experience very much and we are writing here all the truth!

     In our school we spend a fantastic time! Not only do we learn but also laugh and joke. Students are very imaginative but the teachers also have big imagination. For example one of our teachers calls us ‘small bugs’! This is very funny! This is a very good idea for reducing stress at the  beginning of a lesson. The teachers have also very many interesting ideas. For instance when they write the topic on the blackboard they dry their dirty hands on the neat curtains! They are weird!

     Every day we start lessons at 8 o’clock. After that we have very astonishing extra curricular activities. These activities broaden our minds and we meet people who have the same hobbies (but these extra  curricular  activities aren’t our cup of tea). In spite of being almost adult we’re got a lot of cobwebs in our heads and we always tend to find a crazy way to spend our time in school. We also try to look fashionable at school. We’ve got a lot of tests every day, but we try and postpone some of them, so that we don’t have to write  them in the first place.

As you can see we are ordinary students in an extraordinary country. Like everyone we love learning and all our free time we are dipping into Physics books. Okey… we are joking! Polish people are generally very sociable, so we also like spending much time with friends.  We go together to some pubs,  restaurant or discos. There we often  dance and always have a good time. Besides we practise some kinds of sport. We play football or volleyball in a stadium  and swim in our pool.  Some teenagers get excited with joyriding. They meet  on a wide road in Ostrowy (a village near Kłobuck) to show off and praise their skills and fast cars.It often happens that racers drive at full speed and that is why the Police sometimes visit this place.


       Our country is very suprising and everything may happen here, first of all in politics. In Poland there exists a party called ” Self-defence” whose leader and members are mostly farmers.We have nothing against farmers, of course, but these ones have funny ideas and make a lot of chaos. All the members wear ties with red and white stripes, so they  are eye-catching and well-known.

      Recently, we have observed a ‘sex-gate’ in Polish parliament, which is connected with a vice-prime minister and the ‘Self-defence’. This accident was even described by a newspaper in Jamaica!

      Poland is the only country all over the  world, where the President and the Prime Minister are twins, so they are often mistaken. Some time ago one of them at an appointment in Brussels named one of the journalists “this monkey in red”. This embarrassing event caused a lot of criticism and laughter.

      Many of our sportsmen are famous worldwide, like Adam Malysz, Robert Korzeniowski, Otylia Jedrzejczak, Pawel Korzeniowski  and Polish volleyballers, who attained a success in  the recent World Championship.

      Our country is so crazy that now, though we should have a hard winter, there is 10 degrees above zero.

     We seem to be complaining a little but all in all our country is not so bad  – we have beautiful views, hospitable people and many interesting traditions which we love …