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2008: the year of my trip to Auschwitz 8 March 2009

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Never forget… by Clara Z.

We walked for one hour among the ruins of death. It was very cold , the snow was falling and the silence was becoming deeper and deeper, louder and louder…  I was ashamed of being a human being.

 One month earlier, our history teacher had told us that our school was organizing a “trip” to Poland, to Auschwitz. My excitement was at the top. The idea of flying to Poland with my friends (I had never been there) pleased me very much. It was very stupid: the second world war had     interested me for a long time and I was revolted against that war, but at that moment, only the “trip” made me dream !

The journey took place in two stages : first , we had to make a report on Auschwitz to qualify (only 5 students out of 5 could to go to Poland) and after the students qualified were dawn. I was successful , and on 22 January 2008 I flew to Poland. Everything was perfect, my friends were also “qualified”, the view from the plane was amazing (I saw the rising of the sun, The Mont Blanc, Switzerland and part of Poland)…

The journey by bus was very relaxed, we discovered the forests and the Polish cities… I wasn’t able to realize what I was going to see. When we arrived, the snow began to fall and it was very cold ! We started the visit: we passed the tower where the “prisoners” used to arrive with the train… I began to realize where I was !! Here, men had died like animals ! Men, women and children had been killed, raped, tortured… At that moment, I was ashamed of myself, ashamed of having made “a dream” of this journey. I imagined myself in the place of the prisoners who were wearing just wet pajamas and who didn’t eat; while I had a tee-shirt, two pullovers and a coat and I was very cold !! I saw two parts of Auschwitz: Birkenau and Auschwitz. We went into a “gas chamber”. I will not forget this place. I was so close to death and to the suffering… I don’t understand and I will never understand how men  ike you and me  can become the worst monsters on earth : the Nazis ! Wars should not exist… A man should not get to kill an innocent man !! I will never forget that day… Since that day, I have hated businessmen who sell arms to states which are at war, I have hated dictators, I have hated the men who trigger wars for economic reasons, I have hated money… I dream of a free world where the men would be free and equal, where differences are wealth and not a source of conflicts… But I hope that this dream not to be just a dream !!

 I would like my text not to be just a testimony but also a message of peace and of love.



1. Sabrine.G - 18 March 2009

Last year i went to Auschiwtz. It was an unforgettable journey.It was really full of emotions.

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