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Experiences with languages 6 October 2008

Posted by Lycée Alexis de Tocqueville in English.

This story happened last summer, in Scotland,with my friends. We were visiting Edimburgh but did not know where we were. After one hour, we were lost in this big city. So we asked our way to a man. He listened to us and suddenly he began to talk very fast, with a strong accent. We didn’t understand anything. Politely, we asked him to repeat slowly. He smiled and repeated his explanations. Finally, we understood, thanked him and easily found our way  back.    C.0.         

Last summer, I went to Scotland for two weeks with my parents, my sister and our friends. I didn’t know the country and when I arrived, I was a little lost because the Scots roll their ‘Rs’. I managed to understand a few words and to speak.      P.R.

 Three months ago, I went to Wales in a host family. There were two young girls and I went  to   their school. I heard English all day, watched TV in English and I had to speak English all the time. One day, I went to a party with the young girls all night and I could speak with many young people. At the end of the week, I think I had learnt many words in English and I can now understand better.                                 Y.L.

      Every summer, I go to England, in a host family. All the children should go to England because we discover a new country, a new language, different traditions. Unfortunately, I only spend three weeks every year. As a consequence of these journeys, I enjoy speaking English.I also visited London, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, some museums . I did some shopping.It is so nice.  R.



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