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Learning a language can be stressful! 6 October 2008

Posted by Lycée Alexis de Tocqueville in English.

            The story I’m going to tell you happened five years ago. I was eleven and starting junior high school. Obviously, in every class, we had to introduce ourselves, and came the English lesson.I remember the teacher ,Mrs. S, who told us to stand in front of the blackboard, two by two, face to face and ask questions to our schoolmate. It consisted in making each other’s acquaintance and checking our English level: Such a hard task for us, poor little sixth grade pupils ! As for me, I thought about each word I was going to say.Suddenly, I heard the teacher’s voice pronouncing : “Laura !” So, with a trembling step, I went to the blackboard and repeated in my head : “Hello, my name is Laura. What is you name ?” But I don’t know why, I heard myself say “What time is it?” and the teacher answered me that the lesson wasn’t finished yet and that I was too impatient… I couldn’t bear the fact I was already punished on the first day of school !Today, I still don’t know what happened to me… Maybe I was stressed.I will probably never know.                                        by Laura



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