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Teenage is a golden age! A few reactions… 4 February 2008

Posted by Lycée Alexis de Tocqueville in English, Lifestyles.

We are students of 1re STG, which means that we study marketing and communication. We all learn English and another foreign language, Spanish or Italian. We have discussed the saying “Teenage is a golden age” with Susie, our English assistant. Here are the points of view of some of us. Tell us what you think too !

“To a certain extent, I agree with the statement, ‘Teenage is a golden age’, because you can do what you want. You are in good health… But you have worries and you are stressed by school work…” Sophia

“Well, I agree but not totally. We’re young and we don’t have any trouble. Teenagers think that life is not complicated and they don’t worry about anything. But they have to go to school for their future, to take their A’levels. And very often young people are miserable because they often argue with their parents. So, for me, to be in the “golden age” has advantages and drawbacks.” Xavier

“Well, it’s partly true: you have fun with your friends, you organise house parties, you go out, you flirt… Yet, you often argue with your parents who can sometimes be very annoying.” Amel

“True, we laugh a lot with our friends and go to night clubs . But it is slightly wrong too because we have spots, we are often tired because of school which is difficult. And teenagers are very intolerant with one another.” Naofail

“Yes, I agree, but only to a certain extent. We meet lots of people, we go to discos, OK. But we have a lot of homework to do when we go back home after school and it is a lot of stress.” Charles

“Teenage is a golden age because you are free to do what you want but on the other hand, there’s school. I don’t like school. It is not interesting.” Boubaker

“Being a teenager is great! I’m in good health. I have no wrinkles. At the weekend, I go out with my friends. When my parents are absent, I have parties at my house. I often play on my computer or with my playstation. But on the other hand, I must study and work. I’m sometimes fraught.” Kévin



1. Karine - 6 February 2008

I agree with my school mates because we can do what we want (parties in house, play with our computer, go out with friends…], but we have lots of homework and the bac !

2. francesca,emily y mara istituto Amoretti Imperia - 12 February 2008

Nosotras creemos que la vida de un adolescente es fácil porque vivimos todavía con nuestros padres pero también es muy complicada porque empiezan los problemas sobre nuestro cuerpo, con los chicos…la escuela se hace mas difícil cada año…pero es un periodo especial!!!

3. classe 4^a istituto magistrale "Amoretti" - 12 February 2008

La adolescencia para nosotros es muy complicada porque debemos hacer muchos deberes, pero a veces es una edad muy divertida porque puedes hacer lo que quieres sobretodo cuando tienes 18 años.
Davide & Ilaria A.

4. Evča and Kikina from Czech Republic - 26 February 2008

I agree with you. These days teenagers have lot of fun.They go to the clubs,they have more possibilities to study to buy new clothes and more.But it is true too that they very often argue with their parents.Some of parents are annoying and not modern.The teenagers have lot of styles to choose.For example hip style,punk style,goth style and more.This age
is better than the age of our parents.

5. Eva - 26 February 2008

Yes, I agree. I think that teenage is really golden age. We are young people. We can flirt, go to parties and have fun with friends. We can do what we like. We don’t have any trouble and not just this. We can study and practise for the future carrers and in my view that is the best.

6. Markétka,Andrejka,Terezka - 26 February 2008

In our opinion we have a “Teenage is a golden age” because we have fun with our friends,we go to the parties and we flirt..We don´t agree with that we don´t have any problems because we have a lot of problems-with love,family,school and friends.Despite of this “Teenage is a golden age” .

7. Jane and Jane - 26 February 2008

Yes,we agree.We usually go to night clubs.When parents are absent we have parties in the house.We don’t like learning at school,but we like talking with friends at school.We can do a lot of hobbies in our free time.We think that this is good time.

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