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Teenage is a golden age! 18 January 2008

Posted by Lycée Alexis de Tocqueville in Creative writing, English, Our Partners.

“Teenage is a golden age.”   “Well, it depends!’ is the answer teenagers who’ve been asked to react to the saying generally give. But what does it depend on ? We’d very much like to know! So, to you all who live in Spain, in Italy, in France, in Germany, in Poland, in the Czech Republic… or else where, we’d like to ask you to react too. Comment on line immediately  or write an article on the subject: you can give it to your teacher or send it to babelia@laposte.net . We will publish it.


  Vous pouvez répondre en français.

                 Podeis contestar en español.

                            Rispondete pure in italiano.

                                   Ihr könnt auf deutsch antworten.



1. Evča and Kikina from Czech Republic - 26 February 2008

I agree with you. These days teenagers have lot of fun.They go to the clubs,they have more possibilities to study to buy new clothes and more.But it is true too that they very often argue with their parents.Some of parents are anoying and not modern.The teenagers have lot of styles to choose.For example hip style,punk style,goth style and more.This age
is better than age of our parents.

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