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Cité-Rêves :: Sarah and Tomy fly to South Africa 30 November 2007

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Hi !!

We are Sarah & Tomy and we are students at the Lycée Alexis de Tocqueville. We want to tell you about the incredible experience that we are living. Grasse, our home town is giving young people between 16 and 25 the opportunity to build up a project and to realise it through the Cité-Rêves programme.

20071123 TOMY Afrique du Sud20071123 Sarah Afrique du SudSarah, Tomy and M. Leleux, Mayor of Grasse, at the Cité-Rêves award ceremony, 23 November 2007.

So we decided to apply. In fact, we had to prepare a file with the description and the aim of our project. Actually we wanted to make a trip in South Africa to see and talk about the consequences of Apartheid nowadays. After a lot of work and discussion with our teachers, our file was ready for evaluation. One week later, we were called for an interview in front of a jury of 10 people to defend our project and to show our motivation. When we finished, we were so happy because we already had the answer : YES!!

We are now ready to go to South Africa. The city of Grasse has given us € 2100 to make our project real. This money will be used to pay for our flight ticket and all the expenses that we’ll have over there.

Now what does our project consist in ?

Why have we chosen to go to South Africa? In fact Tomy’s family live in South Africa. One part in Johannesburg, South Africa’s capital and the other one in Durban, on the East Coast. We’ll stay in Johannesburg because in this incredible city we can see the consequences of Apartheid better than anywhere else.
Why this project ? The issue of Apartheid is a very difficult one to study but we want to show that it is still present in social relationships even if it was abolished by law almost twenty years ago.

The tittle of our project is : “What is life like after Apartheid?” and in French “L’Apartheid : où en est-on ?
We’ll do a photographic report and some interviews to show to our class, but also to our school and, if we have the opportunity, to students in some of the schools in and around Grasse. We are in the intensive English section, so it’s great for us to visit an English-speaking country!!

Well, I think we have told you everything… so far. I hope you understood us ! Please add comments and if you have the time, give us your thoughts and your points of view… and maybe some advice !
We’ll write more in Babelia when we come back!

Take care,

Tomy & Sarah



1. Sophie - 2 December 2007

So great for you guys !
Congratulations Tomy, I was sure that you’ll be accepted.
And Sarah so happy for you too.
An incredible experience for you too, please let me know about your trip when you come back.

See you,

2. classe 4^a istituto magistrale "Amoretti" - 4 December 2007

Congratulations to Tomy & Sarah! We are waiting for your news!!

Complimenti a Tomy & Sarah! Aspettiamo vostre notizie!!

Enhorabuena a Tomy y Sarah! Esperamos vuestra noticias!!

Felicitations à Tomy et Sarah! Nous attendons vos nouvelles!!

3. Claire - 4 December 2007


We look forward to welcoming you to South Africa, the “Rainbow Nation”, as we like to call it. You will visit many sites in and around Johannesburg, such as the Apartheid Museum, Constitution Hill, the German School as well as a school in Soweto. You will also have the opportunity to visit the site where the earliest man (humanoid) has been found at Maropeng just outside Johannesburg.

4. Tomy & Sarah - 4 December 2007

Thanks Claire for your comment !!
We’re happy that you found the website !! =D
See you soon,
Tomy & Sarah

5. Fanny T.ES1 - 4 December 2007

Félicitation à tous les deux,
dommage que l’on ne parte pas tous ensemble mais je suis sur que votre exposé nous donnera l’impression d’y être.
J’éspère que vous profiterez bien de ce voyage extraordinaire que vous avez la chance de faire.

Gros bisous à tous les deux

6. Elodie T.ES1 - 4 December 2007

Waouw !! Les deux “Africains” sur Babelia, vous allez devenir des Stars lol. En tout cas bravo à tous les deux parce que franchement c’est un projet extra que vous allez réaliser. J’aurai bien aimé partir avec vous !!

Encore bravo, j’ai hate de voir toutes vos photos.

7. MacarOn - 6 December 2007

Français : c’est super que vous partiez bravo à tous les deux !!
English : I was sure you would succeed… I hope you’ll have fun!!
Deutsch : leider , ich kann nicht mit ihr kommen..
Italiano : vi auguro un buon viaggio.. bacci !! =D

8. sonia - 7 December 2007

Bravo à tous les deux!

je ne pensais pas que votre voyage prendrait une telle dimension!
Le sujet que vous allez traiter est extrèment délicat, et suppose une grande conscience des enjeux socio-politiques, mais aussi économiques, dans un pays qui, bien qu’africain, ne soit pas représentatif de la réalité du continent. Mais je suis certaine que vous réussirez! Je vois déjà ce voyage comme le début d’une grande aventure!
Bravo encore à vous deux!

Tout spécialement toi Sarah! Je suis certaine que tu y as déjà trouvé ta vocation! Ce voyage est le premier d’une longue série!

Je t’embrasse très tendrement.
Ta grande soeur! (celle de Sarah biensur!)

9. Olivier - 23 October 2008

Salut je participe au club de dévellopement durable et je voulais savoir comment vous avez réussi à gagner ce concours car on y participe cette année avec le club. C’est pour financer nos actions. Comment avez-vous présentez votre projet ? Avec mes respectueuses salutations. Olivier Mathy éleve de seconde sept dans le lycée.

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