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Five guys from the Smurf School… 20 January 2007

Posted by ITCL Marco Polo - Bari in English, Our Partners.

Hi! We are five guys of 4/B L (“L” stands for “Linguistico”), at “MARCO POLO” High School.
This is the new name of our school, which was called “6th ITC“ until October, and before that “Giulio Cesare”, because it was a side building of another school. Our school is blue and for this reason it is familiarly called “The Smurfs’ School’ (which is “Scuola dei Puffi” in Italian). 

We are very happy to write for the magazine! It’s a great idea!!
Our  school is divided into two courses. “technical commercial” (where pupils specialise in accounting, economics, computer science, ICT) and “linguistic” (where pupils specialise in foreign languages).In the language course you can choose two favourite languages among French, Spanish and German, while English is the first foreign language for everybody.
There are a lot of subjects, for example: Maths, Physics, Law, Philosophy, Chemistry, Biology etc.. , and our school day is quite long: six periods (55 minutes each) with one very short break after the third … just five or ten minutes! We start at 8:15 in the morning and finish at 1:40 p.m., and we have lunch at home.
Every week we have one period with a native speaker (for each language) and another hour to go to the multimedia lab where there are computers; we watch films in the original languages, we surf the Internet and do research about foreign cultures.
In the afternoon the school organises courses in music, ICT, sports, and also specific courses for certificates in foreign languages. There are also optional language courses: Latin, Arabic, Chinese.

The school has three floors and a basement.
 In the basement there are two gyms; on the ground floor there is an auditorium, the teachers’ room, the principal’s and other offices,  and  a few classrooms;  on the first and second floors there are classrooms, labs, and the library. We don’t have a cafeteria, just vending machines.
This is all about our school. What about yours?

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